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In which Cass is the anonest anon that ever anon'd

20 November 2013 @ 18:34

Tags: #pokemon #best wishes #decolora adventure #bwot3 #don't mind me i'm just gonna lay here and clutch my heart #dent #iris #satoshi #screenshots #pikachu #kibago #pretty sunsets #bestwishesshipping #this is sad #i won't ever manage to see this episode without being bothered by a giant rock under my eyelid (i'm not crying.) #the animation was mostly atrocious #... and then the episode had those moments where the trio was reprensented as an entity; #or with the three individualized; and then satoshi being isolated #AND THEN THERE WAS SUDDENLY THAT MELANCHOLIC AND PEACEFUL PACE while the separation just happened #because dent and iris had projects on their own and they all began travelling together because of that; #and the others respecting one's goal has always been the most important thing #so the separation happens. unexpected yes #(but peacefully because their personal goals *make* them and and that's the most important and respected thing by the others)
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    Best Wishes! Have a nice journey, because you weren’t ‘real’ parts of mine and have already been forgotten!
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