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In which Cass is the anonest anon that ever anon'd

23 July 2014 @ 19:58

Anonymous asked: "do you know if rica's version of volt is coming out on a cd or something?"

It already has :3 It’s on J☆Dee’Z’s new single.

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23 July 2014 @ 19:49

It’s 2014 and Mayuyu still can’t do a happy smile without looking fake as hell =D(In this situation, it’s not exactly a case of “Japanese idol forced to promote anime-stuff and clearly wanting to run away”: AKB48’s current most popular member “Cyborg Girl” Mayu Watanabe is known for liking anime and video games… but also for having a really really stiff face and sucking at smiling =D)
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It’s 2014 and Mayuyu still can’t do a happy smile without looking fake as hell =D

(In this situation, it’s not exactly a case of “Japanese idol forced to promote anime-stuff and clearly wanting to run away”: AKB48’s current most popular member “Cyborg Girl” Mayu Watanabe is known for liking anime and video games… but also for having a really really stiff face and sucking at smiling =D)

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23 July 2014 @ 18:45

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23 July 2014 @ 14:34


That was totally what the prompt meant yes yes.

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23 July 2014 @ 14:22


I am so disappointed with your work honey
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I am so disappointed with your work honey

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23 July 2014 @ 14:19



I thought about Red last week. He made me cry so I made him bleed.

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23 July 2014 @ 12:58

chililaughingalonewithdoughnuts asked: "Jirachi being an incubator was me as well, sorry."

I KNEW IT. (All the “Dent made his mistakes” fills felt like you.)

(No but, we still usually refer to you as “Anon” (with a A) with Azalee, because the fills on pokanon were REALLY obviously from the same person and it was fuuuuun to feel it was the same person behind them.)

(I would like to sound less creepy but: it went to the point of stumbling upon Mei’s arts in a random board one day while searching for CaféMochaS arts, and reading something in the comments that made me think “… Anoooooon.”
CaféMochaS is a very small fandom, I think.
Well. You also have a very specific way of shipping them =D)

Tags: #(i'm not *totally* sure about the grimsley/cress and some cress/chili #but hey if it was cafémocha with dent being a ninja? ahah) #chililaughingalonewithdoughnuts
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23 July 2014 @ 11:31

chililaughingalonewithdoughnuts asked: "I also know EXACTLY what the writers should do with Serena."





I hope it has to do with either her realizing how she should stop pretending to be something she isn’t and start actively trying to become it, and/or with Eureka “keeping” her on the long run? <3

But I suppose it has to do with a Dent cameo and Satoshi jumping at his neck to give us the longest making-out session we ever had in the history of japanime industry :p

[Talks about Serena going eviiiiil / the Shadow Triad Theory] […] Yeah nah but I’m not counting anything out until we see them in the same room. I mean I don’t still think they’re ninjas, but I’m not going to be like NO THEY’RE DEFINITELY NOT until we get proof that isn’t their own memory. That scene could be a lie or a metaphor. Easily.

What I actually think happened is either:

  • they were going to be ninjas, but we’re never going to see Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma due to the earthquake that happened and it was important
  • they were going to be ninjas, but we figured it out and they decided to spite us
  • they were going to be ninjas, but everyone liked them too much

But anyway.

Yeah I do think it’s too dark for her to turn on them, but it’s what they SHOULD have happen and have that be what makes him evaluate his life and what he wants out of it in the long run and make a plan. I thought about using it The Fanfic (I have a title I’m considering but I might change my mind) in a way that definitely wouldn’t fly in the show, but that I think people could see reflecting real life. But I don’t think I will.

Then Serena gets visited by an unknown entity while Ash is away. The entity offers her power and the absolute chance to attract Ash if she gives her soul to it. Serena reluctantly agrees and the entity possesses her, turning her even more evil than before. Ash decides to conquer the Pokemon league, and he succeeds. Then the same entity visits Ash, telling him to start a war if he seeks to eliminate it. Ash then agrees, stats mobilizing his forces as the new leader of Kalos.

Nah I think the Dark Trinity theory is busted with that scene for one reason and one reason only. Why would it even be in there if not to kill the theory? Could they be lying? Yeah…they could but then why even make the scene in the first place? Granted I liked the theory too I thought it could have been a case of duress (that was my headcanon anyway, we don’t know anything about their parents) but it’s pretty much done. I think whether or not the trio was the trinity in BW was ambiguous on purpose so we could think what we want. And special seemed to really hint toward it to but once there BW2 happened they dropped it more than likely because of the scene that showed us us nope they aren’t.

It’s even possible they didn’t know people where going to think they were the trinity and THATS why the scene was created to dispel it. Because they didn’t want people to think that anymore.

As for the Serena idea it’s pretty neat but as the way the anime continues to treat her I don’t see her playing much of a role even if Flare shows up. And I’m sure they will. Eventually.

If you go that way, then you have to consider that it’s canon that N is a Zoroark, because there are a bunch of scenes with a Zoroark (including a Memory Link like the brothers’ scene) that seem to have no other purpose than to hint at that, without making it definitely canon >:D

The thing is, narratively speaking, the scene from B2&W2 is the shadiest way they could have ever tried to give them an “alibi”: having the main suspects tell you that nice little story in which they were all innocents and met the Trinity… events that 1) according to them, 2) happened in a closed room, 3) without any witness that could testify that it was Real And Really Happened. And in that story, the Trinity is just there because they were there, with no justification (they LITERALLY say they’re here just because).
If they had really wanted to destroy the theory, we would have had a face-to-face showdown between the brothers and the Trinity in present time with your Player Character present - there is absolutely no excuse for them to not take part in the plot against Team Plasma, especially when Cheren, who started out at the very opposite corner of the map, still managed to come and help (the brothers were waaaaaay closer and were presumably available?! There’s three of them and they only have a restaurant to take care of now, while Cheren left his Gym and his Trainer School!). And it would have been totally possible? Like, having the brothers take care of grunts while you take care of the ninjas or something? Like what happened with the Gym Leaders and the Sages in the first games? (Something like: this time, we’re making it in time, we will be able to fight!!, etc.)

Personally, I like the fact that B2&W2 leaves to everyone the possibility of “believing” whatever they want - if you think the brothers are innocent, then they’re telling the truth; if they’re guilty, they’re just lying about something only they could know anyway. I’m personally too accostumed to fictional unreliable narrators to find their story believable, and I really think it was intended to remain open to interpretations. As a writer, you don’t set a flashback like that without knowing what you’re doing (I’m not a literary genius and even I could pull the trick; I believe older people who do that for a living are way smarter, and assuming it was “accidental” would be saying they aren’t). And same thing in B&W, I don’t see how everything would just be small details with no relevant importance - from the beginning: going to find Dent and learning that you apparently missed him and that he went back to where you just came from WHEN THERE WAS ONLY ONE ROAD, which would be just a game quirk if the game didn’t remark on it; to the end, when the brothers are given no narrative reason not to be helping out at the castle (especially when there were three suspicious empty spaces in the rank of gym leaders), and Bell and Cheren consecutively tell you that she was too late and didn’t manage to reach the Sanyou bros/that the ninjas fled with Ghetsis, in the flow of dialogue. So, anyway, they wanted people to think about the possibility, that much is obvious - and in the end, it’s not really debuked either. Not canon, and not un-canon at the same time (because you can still make it work without denying any element from the canon) /o/

We need a Jirachi to come to Kalos and try to make people sign contracts (be careful what you wish for, etc.)


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23 July 2014 @ 03:31









Training /o/





Tag battles /o/





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23 July 2014 @ 03:11

It’s just adorable when Satoshi and Pikachu look at each other for mutual confirmation even if they already know they’re special partners! (Of course they know; Satoshi introduces Pikachu as his “aibou” every episode!)

And they’re just so genuine and happy that someone is saying that of them?! Like it’s not a given at all, but something alive, made with constant efforts and caring!

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